Historic Tramways

Historical Tramway Photographs

A selection of historical British photographs from various sources, including many from the Ray T. Wilson collection displayed with the permission of their custodian, the Tramway & Light Railway Society.

Decorated Tramcars

Mostly from commercial picture postcards, these views show trams that have been decorated for special occasions.

Tramway Works Cars

These views show some of the works cars that never carried passengers but helped to keep the tramways running.

London Photographic Database

Searchable database of London tramway photographs by the late A.J.Wills from the TLRS Archive, together with notes on the London Tramways.

London County Council Tramways

Official views from the original London County Council Tramways records, shown with kind permission of the London Metropolitan Archives.

French Tramway Postcard Album

These views are extracted from commercial postcards from the Belle Époque and give an idea of the tramways, transporter bridges and other transport features in France during that period.

Compressed Air Trams

A detailed history with photographs of this unusual form of tramway and its main builder, Louis Mékarski, which was little more than an experiment in most places but was a success in France.

Tramway Origins and Pioneers

A brief history of the early days in the development of street tramways and the people who built them.

Horse Trams on Rail and Road

Two British inventors, Curtis and Haworth, designed early forms of tram that could leave the tracks and proceed as a bus.

George Francis Train

American George Francis Train introduced the first true street tramways to Britain. David Voice tells his story.

Charles J. Van Depoele

The story of an inventor in America who built some of the the earliest electric tramways, but is today largely forgotten.

The Clockwork Tram

Clockwork, or more correctly spring power, was indeed tried on trams. British and American cars are described here.

Grantham's Steam Tramcar

The first steam tram in regular service on a British tramway and its novel system for fare collection.

West Ham's First Trolleybus

In 1912 West Ham Corporation Tramways demonstrated an early trolleybus by Cedes-Stoll. Here is a description of that trial and the background behind it.

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