Model Trams



This bibliography gives the details of the limited number of complete books and magazines that describe how to make model trams and tramways. Many of them are now out of print but the references may help to obtain them through libraries, second hand book sales such as Adam Gordon Books, or eBay.

Also included are books and magazines on full-size tramways, particularly where they contain useful modelling information such as scale drawings.

Model Tram Books

These have been sorted into groups on separate Web pages according to material contained, country of origin, etc. Most of them are copiously illustrated with photographs of completed model trams and explanatory drawings.

Prototype Tram Books

Middleton Press Middleton Press publish an excellent range of tramway history books covering many British tramway systems. These books are particularly useful to the modeller because most of them contain a selection of scale drawings of tramcars, which provide a good foundation for modelling, as well as a detailed spectrum of photographs.

Tram Magazines

These lists describe magazines on both model and prototype trams.

Light Rail Information

Many people require general information on the implementation of modern Light Rail systems, often concerning the environmental benefits of modern tramways.

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