Model Trams

Overseas Tram Magazines

USA Tram Magazines

This list gives the details of some of the USA hobby and prototype trolley-related magazines that cover trams.

Title Publisher Frequency Available
Scale Model Traction & Trolleys Quarterly P.O. Box 04016, Milwaukee, WI 53204-0016, USA 4 issues/year No longer published
Traction & Models - 6 issues/year No longer published
Traction Prototypes and Models c/o Railhead Publications, P.O. Box 6579, Canton, OH 44706-0579, USA 6 issues/year Yes
Trolley Talk PO Box 206, Amelia, OH 45102-0206, USA 6 issues/year Yes
The New Electric Railway Journal CityRail Ltd., 6305 N. Kenmore Ave., # 1, Chicago, IL 60660-1601, USA 4 issues/year No longer published

Other Overseas Tram Magazines

These are prototype magazines with occasional model tram articles.

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