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German Model Tram Books

German Model Tram Books

This booklist gives the details of the German books that describe how to make model trams and tramways. Some of them may now be out of print but the references may help to obtain them through libraries or second hand book sales. Most of them are copiously illustrated with photographs of completed model trams and explanatory drawings.

Author Date Title Publisher ISBN Brief Contents
Muth, Frank 2003 Strassenbahn im Modell Transpress-Verlag, Stuttgart 3-613-71170-2 A German language book dealing with model trams of all types.
Rockelmann, Ulrich and Wimmer, Lubosch 1997 Achtung Tram! - MIBA Report MIBA-Verlag GmbH. Nürnberg 3-86046-023-4 Well illustrated 100 page magazine style book on trams: full-size vehicles, routes, models, layouts and current commercially available items.
Vollstedt, Matthias 1996 Strassenbahn im Modell Alba-Modellbahn-Praxis 3-87094-581-1 Well illustrated German language handbook covering all aspects of designing, constructing and operating a German model tramway layout
Vollstedt, Matthias 2004 Strassenbahn im Modell Alba-Modellbahn-Praxis 3-87094-239-8 Revised second edition of this German language handbook.

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