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UK Manufacturers - Kits

UK Model Tram Manufacturers - Kits

ABS Models A.B.S Models
manufacturers of whitemetal British model tram kits, truck kits and parts in 00 gauge and 0 gauge, plus several ranges of railway, bus and road vehicles. The ranges include some of the 00 gauge and O gauge whitemetal British tram kits previously issued by Anbrico, BEC-KITS, Model Tramway Systems and Varney.

Alphagraphix Alphagraphix/Brumtrams
manufacturers of coloured cardboard tram model kits in 0 gauge, 00 gauge (1:76) and H0 gauge (1:87), plus a range of building kits in 00 and 0 gauges.

Autocom UK Ltd.
manufacturers of whitemetal model tram kits in 00 and H0 gauges.

manufacturers of whitemetal continental model tram kits and plastic UK tram kits in H0 and 00 gauge.

Kevin Bucknall
manufacturers of brass Blackpool model tramcar kits in 00 gauge.

Chris Cornell Tramways
manufacturers of brass model tramcar kits in 00 and 0 gauges.

Corporation Model Trams
are 3D printed trams. For details see their Shapeways shop.

CW Railways
are mainly 3D printed narrow gauge railway items, but do have a few steam trams and a Manx Electric trailer. For details see their website.

DunRon Products
manufacturers of 00 gauge (1:76) cardboard kits for Glasgow tram models.

Grime Street Grime Street Industries
manufacturers of CAD designed 3D printed tram model kits in 0 gauge, 00 gauge and others to order.

Hadfield's Hadfields
manufacturers of plastic Blackpool tramcar kits in 00 gauge.

Robert Hendry
manufacturer of high quality card kits in 0 and 00 gauge. Felthams, Manx Electric, American Interurbans etc.

Mark Hughes
manufacturer of whitemetal, resin moulded and brass model tramcar kits and various model tramway parts in 00 gauge.

Keil Kraft Keil Kraft
past manufacturers of plastic tramcar kits in 00 gauge.

Knightwing Models
manufacturers of plastic tramcar kits in 00 gauge.

KR Models
manufacturers of etched kits in 00 gauge.

manufacturers of metal kits for British trams to 0, 00 and N gauges. Also the fomer BEC ready-to-run motor units.

Majestic Trams
manufacturers of the former Tramalan white metal kits in 00 gauge.

Mannin Models
are manufacturers of 3D printed and laser cut kits in 0 gauge representing Isle of Man subjects. They have Facebook and eBay shops. For details see their website.

P & D Marsh
model railway manufacturer has a Tividale 4-wheel white metal tram kit in 00 gauge. For details see their website.

manufacturers of resin moulded Glasgow trams in 00 gauge.

Oxwich Design
manufacturers of cast resin Swansea & Mumbles trams in 0 and 00 gauges.

Radley Models
are mainly Underground railwy items, but do sell tram related kits from their clients. For details see their website.

Rainy City Models
by David Maltman are 3D printed trams from the North-West of England, but initialy featuring Manchester. For details email:

Smallbrook Studio
manufacturers of resin cast body kits

Street Level Models
manufacturers of card kits mostly of London prototypes in 00 gauge.

Tramads Tramads
As well as water slide transfers, Tramads produces 3D printed kits in N, 00 and 0 gauges.
Go to Tramads website.

Pete Watson
manufacturer of card kits of Blackpool and other prototypes in 00 gauge.

Westgate Models
Westgate Models and East Kent 3D Printing are run by Derek Smith and have a small range of 3D printed tram bodies produced on a home printer. For details see their Shapeways website.

Worsley Works
manufacturer of etched brass kits in various scales.

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