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Pete Watson originally produced a range of 4mm scale card kits of Blackpool trams. This range includes Coronation, Boat, 761, 762, 618, Brush Railcoaches in wartime green and post-war green and cream liveries, B & F Crossbench (several liveries), Marton Vambac, Twin-set and many more, a large number in advertising liveries. More recently Pete has extended his range to cover tramways other than Blackpool including Manchester, Darwen, Bournenouth, Accrington, Bradford, Glasgow, Blackburn, Llandudno & Colwyn Bay, Chesterfield and many others. In addition there are buses, trolleybuses and buildings, in total over 100 kits to choose from.

Although designed for 4mm scale, since they are in PDF form they can easily be scaled down on printing to H0, N or even smaller. Some users have found that they can be enlarged to 0 without loss of quality, but we cannot guarantee this in all cases.

Shown are some examples but there are many more (see list), all exclusively from the TLRS.

Blackpool & Fleetwood Kit Blackpool Gondola Kit
Glasgow Kit Blackburn Kit
Llandudno & Colwyn Bay Kit Bradford Trolleybus Kit
Bradford Tram Kit Lincoln Leyland Lion Bus Kit
Manchester Kit Blackpool Marton Vambac Kit
Blackpool Flexity Blackpool Twin Set
Chesterfield S/D Horse Tram Kit Chesterfield S/D Trolleybus Kit
Chesterfield D/D Horse Tram Kit Chesterfield D/D Trolleybus Kit
Chesterfield Brush Electric Tram Kit London United W class Tram Kit
LT ex West Ham Tram Kit West Ham Tram Kit
Hong Kong Combination Tram Kit Hong Kong 1925 Tram Kit
Blackpool Delux Tram Kit Aberdeen Bogie Original Livery
Blackpool OMO Glasgow ex-Paisley
Glasgow Depot 1 Glasgow Depot 2
Highgate Hill Marton Offices
Chester Marton Offices
Bolton Waiting Room East Ham Waiting Room
Blackpool Standard Bradford Trolleybus

New models have recently been added to the range. They are:-

B19a Bradford 1929 English Electric "Paddler" Trolleybus - Original Livery
B19b Bradford 1929 English Electric "Paddler" Trolleybus - Later Livery

Coming soon: More Glasgow trams.

For all the kits see the full List of Pete Watson Kits

Details of the full range of kits can be found on Pete's website:

Pete has also provided hints on making these kits: Hints on printing and building

These PDFs from Pete Watson are available as free downloads:


The kits are designed to produce 4mm to 1 foot scale models (00). For the correct size the Acrobat pdf printing software should be set to the "Actual size" option (not "Fit to page"). For other sizes select "Custom scale" and set the % as follows:
175% - 7mm (0) scale - quality not guaranteed
87.5% - 3.5mm (H0)
57.6% - 1:132 ("Lesney" scale)
50% - 2mm (N)

Obtaining Pete Watson kits

Pete Watson's card trams kits produced in PDF form for the TLRS can be obtained at £3 each only from:

TLRS On-line Sales

Enquiries to:-

Pete Watson,
17 Greenlea Road
DG12 5LB.

To print PDF kits you will require an Adobe Acrobat Reader to be installed, which is available as a free download.

Get Adobe Acrobat Reader

Please note that these PDFs are for the sole and personal use of the purchaser. They are copyright Pete Watson and the TLRS. They must not be shared, distributed or re-sold in printed, electronic or any other form.

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