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Majestic Trams

The former Tramalan white metal 00 scale tram kits are available once again under the name Majestic Trams. The kits now are just the white metal parts for the body only and do not include motor units or other additional items.

Majestic Kits Order Form

Liverpool Baby Grand
Liverpool Baby Grand in pre-war livery,
made by John Prentice.
Glasgow Cunarder
Glasgow Cunarder, made by David Voice.
Leeds Lance Corporal
Leeds Lance Corporal.
Leeds 601/602
Leeds Railcoach 601/602.
Glasgow Sand & Sett
Glasgow Sand & Sett works car.
Blackburn Milnes Bogie
Blackburn Milnes Bogie.
Rotherham single ended car
Rotherham single ended car.
London Wheel Carrier
London Wheel Carrier.
Sheffield Dome Roof Car
Sheffield Dome Roof Car, made by David Voice.
Glasgow 1089
Glasgow 1089 "Baillie Burt", made by David Voice.
Raworth Demi Car
Raworth Demi Car as in Erith, made by David Voice.
Hong Kong Car
Hong Kong 1950s style car, made by Helmut Gieramm.
Leicester Water Car
Leicester Water Car, made by John Prentice.
Glasgow 1100
Glasgow 1100 Experimental Car.
Liverpool Altona
Liverpool Altona Tram & Trailer, made by David Voice.
Hamburg Altona car
Hamburg Altona tram, made by Helmut Gieramm.
Blackburn UEC
Blackburn "UEC".
Llandudno Streamliner
Llandudno & CB ex Darwen "Streamliner",
made by David Voice.
Birmingham Radial
Birmingham "Radial".
Lytham St. Annes
Lytham St. Annes crossbench,
made by David Voice.
Street furniture
Street furniture.
Tramway staff
Tramway staff.
Pedestal seats.
Salvation Army band.

Tramcar Models in 00 gauge

These kits have been released and are available now:

The latest releases which are available now:

All the above tram kits are at £34 each.

Accessory packs which are available at £8.50 each:

There is an article by John Prentice on building Hong Kong tram kits, first published in the TLRS's Tramfare magazine.
Click here to view.

Facebook Hong Kong Model Tram Group useful for Hong Kong models, including Majestic.

There is an article by John Prentice on Raworth demi-cars with particular reference to the Majestic kit, first published in the TLRS's Tramfare magazine.
Click here to view.

Ordering Majestic Trams

Majestic Trams kits can be obtained on-line via the TLRS

Majestic Kits Order Form

For orders by post contact Majestic Trams at:-

Majestic Trams
4 Berrywell Walk,
Aberdeen, AB21 7BT,

Enquiries to:-
Phone: 01224 770430
Email: Majestic email

Hong Kong (for HK based customers only)

Hong Kong Car The Hong Kong models can be purchased locally in Hong Kong, where the necessary BEC motor units or un-motorised chassis units can also be obtained. Enquiries to:-

Email (HK customers only):

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