1998 Festival Of Model Tramways
List of Exhibitors

The following table is a list of the exhibitors at the 1998 Festival of Model Tramways. The links provided are mostly to pages of the Tramway Modelling On-line Reference. Use "Back" to return to this page.

Stand Exhibitor's Name Description Scale
1 Squires Tools Tools and Materials Sales
2 Tower Models Model Tram Kit Sales Sales
3 B.Martin Station Vicinale G
4 J.Severn Tribute Ennyware, British Tramway 4mm
5 T.Maltman Ramsey MER 4mm
6 C.Beech IllinoisTerminal RR System 1/4"
7 R.Tidball London Tramway 4mm
8 E.Mids TLRS Group Town Layout 4mm
9 G.Heywood Continental Tramway 3.5mm
10 Mainstreet Models Card Kits Sales
11 Mainstreet Models Willis Road 2mm
12 Middleton Press Tramway Publications Sales
13 L.C.C.T.T. Tramway Books etc. Sales
14 T.Daniel Blackpool Tramways 5/8"
15 Sub-7 Shop Small Scale Sales Sales
16 D.Voice Modelling Demonstration Demo
17 W.Mids. TLRS Static Models Various
18 A.Kirkman Lord Street, Fleetwood 4mm
19 D.Allinson Tramstop 4mm
20 R.Coates Reading and Isle of Man 1/40
21 Adam Gordon Transport Books Sales
22 L.Squance Blackpool In The Box 4mm
23 Tim Parkinson Leeds c.1950 4mm
24 P.Nicoll M.E.R. Laxey Station 2mm
25 G.Southern Werneth Cross - Manchester 2mm
26 Lancastrian Trans Pubs Tramway Books etc. Sales
27 H.Moore Llandudno & C.B. 7mm
28 D.Haynes Manx Electric Railway 1/32
29 Model Tramway System G Scale Castings & Kits Sales
30 R.Stevenson The Tram Stop Various
31 A.B.S. Models Tram & Road Vehicle Kits Sales
32 Rapid Transit Pubs. European & American Books Sales
33 B.Robinson/T.Parkinson Kleinbahn Donzdorf-Neuheim G
34 Brumtrams Card Kits Sales
35 Tim's Trams Motorising Service Sales
36 R. Brogden Museum of Transport 4mm
37 A.Sibert Liverpool Penny Return 3/4"
38 A.Hunt Jaeger Strassenbahn 3.5mm
39 J.Edmonds Main Street 4mm
40 R.Benson Penny Lane, Liverpool 4mm
41 L.R.T.A. Book & Video Sales Sales
42 W. of E. TLRS Selection of tram models Various
43 J.Prentice Static Models Various
44 Contest Models Contest Various
45 P.Carver Transport Museum 2mm

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