2014 Festival of Model Tramways
List of Exhibitors

The following table is a list of the exhibitors at the 2014 Festival of Model Tramways. The links provided are to pages of the Tramway Modelling On-line Reference (use "Back" to return to this page) or to the exhibitors' own websites.

J.Prentice Hong Kong Static models 1:16
Contest Models Contest Various
J.Marfleet Huncote Tramway N gauge
W.Jurkowski International Tramway Museum 3.5mm
G.Marsden Stockport 1936-37 1:16
S.Smith Yellowthreads Treat 4mm
H.Cairns Generic UK tramway 4mm
A.Hunt Metre Gauge tramway 3.5mm
G.Wilkinson Sealane, Sunderland 7mm
J.Saunders Bob Wardle's static models 7mm
H.Moore Southport in the days of trams 7mm
TLRS North Lancs Photos & static models from the group Various
T.Williamson Thornton Gate N gauge
Model Roads & Tramways DCC and electronic control for the tram modeller Sales
J.Huddlestone Ober (Hamo) 3.5mm
M.Spencer Willemsplein Dutch street scene 3.5mm
D.Haughton Woltersdorf German tramway 3.5mm
Todmorden Model Supplies Materials, tools and accessories Sales
D.Voice Modelling demonstrations and information Info
TLRS W.Midlands Model trams from the area group Various
Tameside Transport Collection Books, maps, models, DVDs Sales
A.D.Packer Tram, bus and trolleybus b/w photographs Sales
LCCTT Tramway books, models and photos Sales
D.Cole Altstadt 3.5mm
TLRS Publications Tramway and model tramway books and other items Sales
D.Carson New Walmington Pier 3.5mm
KW Trams Cast metal tram kits Sales
Ceynix Railway Trees Model trees Sales
A.Loughman Swansea & Mumbles 4mm
B.Robinson Model Town 4mm
A.Kirkman Leyburn Avenue - Norbreck 4mm
Light Rail Transit Association Tram books & DVDs Sales
Manchester Model Tramway Group British tramway layout 5/8" to 1'
East Lancs Model Tramway Supplies Small scale modelling supplies Sales
Heaton Park Tramway Tramway Museum Publicity Info
M.Casson Grime Street, Leeds 1950-55 4mm
M.Birch Snaefell Car 4 1:8
MDS Book Sales Transport books & DVDs Sales
Manchester Transport Museum Society Heaton Park Publicity


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