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Model Tram WWW Links

Here are a selection of links to other model tram web sites, which readers may find of interest.

UK Model Tram WWW Links

The following index lists some other WWW pages containing model tram information in the UK.

Sunderland Corporation Tramways

Gordon Bulmer

Gordon Bulmer has a website describing the work of a number of tramway modellers in the North East of England.

Howe London

John Howe

John Howe has a created a number of London based layouts in 00 scale.


Steve Smith

Steve Smith has a website with details his 3.5mm scale model tramway layout Hasselhof(f), loosely based on the various European cities he has visited and his 4mm scale Yellowthreads Treat representing Hong Kong.

0 Gauge Tram Group

0 Gauge Tram Group

The 0 Gauge Tram Group 7mm scale layout, St Peters Road, is shown here.

Walmington Pier Tramway

Walmington Pier Tramway & others

Dave Carson shows us his Walmington Pier Tramway layout, an H0 scale model which represents a fictitious small pier tramway of the Edwardian times. In 00 scale is his Hong Kong All cars stop here micro layout.

Westgate Tramway

Westgate Tramway

Derek Smith describes his Westgate Tramway garden layout and his model tram and tramway construction methods.

Overseas Model Tram WWW Links

The following index lists some other WWW pages containing model tram information in other countries.



Jacques Berengier gives us a model website (in French and English) which includes a section on tramcars (Trolleys) in H0 scale, many scratch built.



United States of America - Societies

East Penn Traction Club

East Penn Traction Club

EPTC iconThe USA's largest and oldest modular trolley modelling group! If you share an interest in the history and/or modelling of U.S.A. streetcars, trolleys, interurbans, subway or rapid transit cars, or any other aspects of electric transit railroading, prototype or model, we encourage you to find out more about the East Penn Traction Club of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania through this outstanding web site.

It is a major reference point into the whole 'trolley' hobby in the U.S.A.

Electric Railway Historical Association

The Electric Railway Historical Association has the ERHA/LA Colors WEB Site which discusses colour schemes of USA trolley cars.


The web site of the NMRA, the USA Model Railway organisation.


Trolleyville is an entertaining complete little "town" for model tram enthusiasts. It includes, a library, shopping area and listing of factories. Created by the Southern California Traction Club. Of particular value is the School (teaching model construction methods, overhead, track etc.), with useful articles on streetcar modelling.

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