2004 Festival of Model Tramways
List of Exhibitors

The following table is a list of the exhibitors at the 2004 Festival of Model Tramways. The links provided are mostly to pages of the Tramway Modelling On-line Reference. Use "Back" to return to this page. The list is provisional and subject to change.

Exhibitor's Name Description Scale Etc.
J.Prentice West Ham Centenary feature Various
Contest Models Contest Various
Todmorden Model Supplies Tools and Accessories Sales
E.Mitchell Blackpool Automatic Layout 4mm
G.Bulmer Sunderland Tramways 4mm
C.Little Ashbrough Electric Tramways 4mm
D.Allinson Static London Display 4mm
D.Cole Neustadt German tramway 3.5mm
P.Carver Trolleybus layout 4mm
LCCTT Tramway books and photos Sales
Model Tramway System G & 3/4" scale castings and kits Sales
D.Sutherland, M.Spencer & R.Stevenson The Tram Stop, UK-1950s & Modern layouts 4mm/2mm
T.Parkinson Leeds c. 1950 4mm
T.Daniel Blackpool Tramway 5/8"
A.D.Packer Historic black & white photographs Sales
Electric Railway Society Books, maps, and colour slides Sales
A.B.S. Models 00 & 0 Kits, trucks and parts and a demonstration layout Sales
R.Wardle 1930s - 1950s British Tramway 7mm
BEC-KITS White metal and plastic kits Sales
A.Hunt Jäger Straßenbahn 3.5mm
D.Voice Modelling Information Info
A.Kirkman Leyburn Avenue - Norbreck 4mm
TLRS Archive Static trams from the collection Various
R.Tidball Arcadia Electric American layout 3.5mm
Alphagraphix Card Tram and Scenery Kits Sales
L.R.T.A. Tram books & videos Sales
German Speaking TLRS Models and group information Various
M.E.T.E.R. Electronics Control circuits for the tram modeller Sales
TLRS National Layout British street scene in the 1950s 3/4"
W.& J.Helliwell Northern British Town 4mm
T.L.R.S. Publications Tramway and model tramway books Sales
Model Tramway Shop Small scale model supplies Sales
A.Sibert Liverpool Penny Return 3/4"
J.Meal West Riding Trams 3/4"
W. of England TLRS Static models and 3/4" running track Various
Chris Cornell Kits Etched brass kits including new Manchester and L.U.T. cars Sales
A.Dawson Greater Manchester Tramways, photos & static models Various
MDS Book Sales Transport books & videos Sales
TLRS Model Engineering Large scale wheels & castings Sales

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