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In the U.K. the Bachmann Branch-Line brand name covers a wide range of ready to run railway models and includes some tramway items. Models are mostly made in the far east and imported. Bachmann Industries Inc. markets a similar range of items in the U.S. For convenience we have listed them all in one place.

Models have plastic bodies are motorized.

N scale models

These models are susceptible to the pinion gears on the axles splitting parallel to the axle and causing poor running, so it is recommended that you test run the model before purchase.

H0 scale models

Peter Witt

0 gauge models

G scale models

These have recently been fitted with a better running mechanism.

00 scale models

Bachmann used to sell a motorized version of the die cast Hong Kong models from Peak Horse, as listed in the Overseas section. For 2011 in China they introduced their own plastic bodied high detail version in several Hong Kong liveries and for 2012 in the UK released red and blue plain versions and two in the current liveries of Birkenhead 69 and 70. None are now in production. Below is the standard Hong Kong green version.

Hong Kong

In 2003 Bachmann showed prototypes of a range of British outline models in 00 scale. They were to be powered by a 4-wheel motor unit similar to that used in the Peak Horse Hong Kong trams. They were expected to sell at around £30. Sadly it seems that the project has been dropped due to lack of demand.

Enclosed and Balcony Cars Enclosed Car
2003 Prototypes. Photos by David Voice.

Bachmann models are available at larger model shops.

Bachmann UK website

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