Duwag articulated car Model Trams

Overseas Manufacturers of G gauge trams

Overseas Model Tram G Gauge (1:22.5 scale) Manufacturers


Manufacturers of ready to run tramcar models.

See Bachmann in the UK section.


From German manufacturer, Lehmann, come the LGB ready-to-run electric and steam trams come in several versions, re-issued at intervals in different liveries. The trams can be open or vestibuled, having three or four side windows, with pantographs or bows for current collection. The recently available models are:-

First released in the US and new for Europe in 2004 are:-

Lehmann also make a Rigi cable car set (10mm scale) and the Gnomy toy tram (about 7mm scale).

LGB models are available from most good model railway shops.

Light Rail Products

Light Rail Products (LRP) are US manufacturers producing high quality, detailed and well thought out kits which can be assembled with only basic modelling skills. All of these kits are G-scale versions of products that were used on a wide variety of interurbans and streetcars (body enhancements, trucks, trolley poles, couplers, headlights, controllers etc.) These parts and kits can easily be used to improve commercial models.

For more details check out their website.

LRP's address is:-

Light Rail Products,
1406 Crespi Drive,
Pacifica, CA 94044,
Email: info@lightrailproducts.com

OcCre Berlin Car

OcCre are Spanish manufacturers producing wood model kits including a number of trams in G scale. Current models are for Berlin (shown right), San Francisco, Lisbon, Sóller, Barcelona, Madrid, and Stuttgart. In 2011 OcCre released a splendid model of LCC 106 (below). Models are unmotorized but there is a motorizing kit available.

OcCre LCC Car

For more details check out "Railway Models" on their website.

In the UK they can be obtained from Glendale Junction, who also have their own cheaper motor unit:-

Glendale Junction,
5 New Row,
Deeping St. James,

Glendale Junction website


Semmelbahn are manufacturers of cut parts for building model trams in 1:22.5 for G scale track, aimed at the DIY modeller. Depending on the vehicle, these consist of milled polystyrene, wood, plexiglass and brass as well as lasered Invercote Duo in various thicknesses.

For further information and ordering details see the section "Teilesätze" on their website.


Tramania (a Belgium tramfan club) is launching a subscription for the production of five model tram kits from the SNCV (Vicinal). These are made in wood, steel and brass ( G/IIM scale, like LGB )

Very detailed, based on original SNCV drawings, five different trailers are proposed:

Kit assembly: nothing to solder, nothing to cut. A file, plyers, glue, pencils and paints are sufficient. The pre-cut metal pieces are assembled by plying, rivets or bolts. The pre-cut wood pieces are to be glued.

For further information and ordering details see the section "Models" on their website.

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