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Novokuznetsk, Traffic Cameras

These cameras are in Novokuznetsk (formerly Stalinsk) in West Siberia, Russia. Novokuznetsk has a medium size tram and trolleybus system. The first page gives you a map of cameras, many of which show trams and trolleybuses. Clicking on an arrow icon gives a larger moving picture from that camera.

Novosibirsk, Traffic Cameras

This map of cameras is in Novosibirsk, Russia, many showing trolleybuses passing by. The Novosibirsk system has around 325 vehicles operated on 22 routes running 282 km. Click on the camera icons on the map to get a moving picture.

Saint Petersburg, Gakkelevskaya Street

This cameras is in Saint Petersburg, Russia. It gives a moving picture showing trolleybuses at the intersection of Kamyshovaya Street and Gakkelevskaya Street.

Saratov, Traffic Cameras

From Live Cam

These are traffic cameras in the Russian city of Saratov, which has a medium sized tram and trolleybus network. There is a map and clicking on an icon takes you to a moving image. Many of the scenes contain trams and trolleybuses.

Ufa, Traffic Cameras

From Live Cam

Here are traffic cameras in the Russian city of Ufa, which has an extensive tram and trolleybus network. A map is given which can be scrolled with the cursor. Clicking on the little cameras gives the camera images, which auto-update every 1-2 seconds and mostly show trams and trolleybuses.

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