2015 Festival of Model Tramways
List of Exhibitors

The following table is a list of the exhibitors at the 2015 Festival of Model Tramways. The links provided are to pages of the Tramway Modelling On-line Reference (use "Back" to return to this page) or to the exhibitors' own websites.

J.Prentice Eisenfels Straßenbahn N gauge
Contest Models Contest Various
A.Best Hook Green Street Tramway Diorama 1:16
Croydon MRS Croydon Tramlnk 4mm
KW Trams Cast white metal tram kits Sales
J.Huddlestone Ober (Hamo) 3.5mm
N.Dollimore Docklands "like" Railway 4mm
TLRS Model Engineering 1:16 tram parts Sales
TLRS Estates Service Models and books Sales
D.Carson Terminus - All Change! 4mm
D.Groves Post war street 4mm
O.Boorman-Humphrey Semi-rural tramway 4mm
J & K Video Transport DVDs and photographic prints Sales
A.D.Packer Tram, bus and trolleybus b/w photographs Sales
M.Casson Grime Street, Leeds 1948-55 4mm
A.Burrows Florin Street, Leeds 4mm
Buckinghamshire G.R.S. Whiteleaf Tramway G scale
J.Clarke West Croydon 4mm
0 Gauge Tram Group Town tramway 7mm
P.Penders Japanese trams and diorama Various
A.Kirkman Modelling demonstration and display Info
J.Marfleet Huncote Tramway N gauge
D.Wood Automatic tram & trolleybus layout 4mm
LCCTT Tramway books, models and photos Sales
S.Hamlin Dougal Horse tramway 4mm
S.& M.Whitley Stepley Tramways 4mm
Light Rail Transit Association Tram books & DVDs Sales
G.Marsden Stockport Corporation Tramways 1936-37 1:16
TLRS Historical static models 1:16
K.Walton Ybbs Strassenbahn G
National Trolleybus Association Tram and trolleybus books Sales
A.B.S. Models 7mm & 4mm Kits, trucks and parts Sales


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