Joints with Glue and Solder
By John Prentice


Here is my list of favourite glues (with UK trade names) and what I use them for. No doubt your list differs from mine and you have a different set of favourites by other manufacturers, but new modellers may find this of some interest as a guide to what is suitable.

Before I get going, a couple of general safety tips. Keep all glues away from small children. Do not breath in any of the solvent based glues. They will not do you any good. Never smoke when using glue. Some are very inflammable. Some that are not can be equally dangerous. Methylene chloride for instance is broken down into chlorine by the heat of your cigarette, and a lung full of that is no joke. A number of the glues can be irritant to sensitive skin and all should be kept well away from your eyes. However, the danger of sticking your fingers together with instant glue have been greatly exaggerated, but do be careful.


Of course for a lot of metal joints, such as on etched brass kits, I use solder. Elsewhere I have discussed the merits of lead free solder, but many people, including some quite eminent tramway modellers, have problems with soldering, so here are a few tips.

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