Compressed Air Trams
By John Prentice


Gare de L'Est Mékarski car 151 of the CGO 1900 series at Gare de L'Est terminus of route TG from Montrouge, together with its trailer and on the right another similar pairing. This view is around 1905.

That brings to a close the story of the Compressed Air Tram.

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This article was originally published in serial form in the magazine Tramfare during 1994, but greatly expanded for this version. The author would like to record his appreciation to the late Brian Martin, then the Tramfare Editor, for his help and encouragement in its production, and also to thank Bob Appleton for his patent and additional photographic contributions.

Final Tram
Finale. The last Paris Mékarski car ran on route TAE (by then line 17) from Auteuil to Madeleine on 2nd August 1914. Here, in late days, this 1900 series car is seen here being turned by horse power on the turntable at Rue Taitbout.

In its day the compressed air tram was ideal. Although slow by today's standards, at that time the performance was equal to other traction methods. Unlike the others however, it was smooth, quiet, free from emissions of smoke, steam, and fumes, and did not require ugly overhead wires or expensive conduit. M. Louis Mékarski should have been proud of his achievements, and we should not forget them.

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