In memory of the late TLRS President
Mr Richard Elliott (1910 - 1995)



This painting by Ashley Best depicts the Tramway Central Repair Depot (CRD) at Charlton in South East London as it would have appeared in the late 1930s. The CRD was built by the London County Council Tramways and was responsible for the maintenance, and to some extent the construction of the rolling stock, of that company.

It passed into the hands of London Transport in 1933 and was used by them for tramway maintenance until the end of the trams in 1952, and continued with trolleybus equipment maintenance until its final closure in 1959.

The tram in the foreground is of the HR/2 class which had four motors instead of the usual two, and was for use on on hilly routes. In the background are an E/1 class tram in the condition to which these were renovated by the CRD at this time, and a works car used for carrying wheels.

This painting was commissioned by the Tramway & Light Railway Society in memory of its late President and founding member, Mr Richard Elliott (1910 - 1995), a former CRD employee.

Mr Elliott is included in the painting twice, on the platform of the HR/2 tram, and as an older man on the extreme right. In his lifetime, he had produced 1/16 scale models of both the passenger trams in the view.

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