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Corgi manufacture many different ranges of diecast road vehicle models for both the toy and enthusiast collector markets. Check latest details on the Corgi website.

British OO Scale Blackpool Models

In July 1997, Corgi produced a model of the Blackpool Balloon Cars in 'The Original Omnibus Company' range. The Balloon cars are the main series of double deck trams still running in the Blackpool Transport fleet. The model is quite exact to 4mm scale but has the trucksides moulded as part of the diecast body. The model initially was issued in three different liveries:

Blackpool Trams

The original runs of about 8000 models sold very quickly during the summer of 1997. Corgi has produced further versions of the model, and the following became available around December 1997.

A Corgi model of the Ice Cream tram followed and many other advertising liveries have been produced.

In 1999 the range was extended to include the Blackpool single deck railcoaches, again in a wide variety of liveries.

British OO Scale Feltham Models

LT Feltham

The latest models in the Original Omnibus series are of London "Feltham" trams which were released during 2002 in various London and Leeds versions.
Leeds Feltham

In addition "Cissie", the centre entrance "Feltham, appeared initially in Sunderland colours and later in the London liveries.

MET Feltham & Cissie

British Preston Car Models

Blackpool Preston Corgi produced a model of the 3 window Dick-Kerr Type Preston cars in both open top and enclosed top form in a multitude of different liveries for 'The Corgi Classics' range. The scale of the model is not stated but it appears to be about 1:66 which is quite noticeably larger than OO gauge and close to S-Scale. Also some of the liveries produced by Corgi are for tramway systems which did not have this type of Preston car.

American 1:50/1:48 Scale Models

Corgi produced models of the U.S.A. PCC Streetcars in 'The American Classics' 1:50 range. In a bid to modernize and rationalize streetcar design and production throughout the U.S.A., the Presidents Conference Committee (PCC) comprising senior executives from the various streetcar companies met in 1929 to commence a standard design, which resulted in the widely adopted PCC car. The model tram was issued at first in two different liveries:

Later releases were:

Further varieties were added to this range.

Baltimore Birney Car Corgi are now releasing an American "Birney Car" in 1:48 scale, the true U.S. 0 gauge. These are in a variety of liveries including the Steinway Lines - New York City, Philadelphia and Baltimore (shown here).

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