Large Scale Tramway Modelling

Large Scale Suppliers Link List

The following table gives links to the websites of suppliers who can provide materials and services used in the construction of large scale tramcar models.

The list is based on that included in the book "Large Scale Tramway Modelling" by Peter Hammond and Peter Howard, published by the Tramway & Light Railway Society. Please note that with time some suppliers in that book have ceased trading, so we may have included substitutes here.

Supplier Products
Chronos Ltd.NU, TO
Drill Service (Horley) Ltd.TO
Eileen's EmporiumMI, NU, SM, ST, TO, WO
EKP SuppliesLM, NU, TO
Folkestone Engineering Supplies LM, NU, SM, TO
g-bitsMI, MO, WH
GaugemasterCO, TR
Glendale JunctionCO, PA, SM
Helmsman Model Rail CO
HPC Gears Ltd.GE
H.S. Walsh & Sons Ltd.RE, TO
i-materialise 3D
Maidstone EngineeringLM, NU, TO
The Mesh CompanyMI
Midland Railway CentreSM, TO
Mr Decal Paper (MDP)MI
Muffett GearsGE
Noggin End Metals LM, SM
Slaters (Plastikard) Ltd ST, WH
Squires Model & Craft ToolsGL, MI, NU, SM, ST, TO
Sussex Model CentreWO
Terry Russell TramsDR
Alec Tiranti Ltd.RE, TO, 3D
TLRS Model EngineeringGE, GL, MO, NU, PA, WH
Tracy Tools Ltd.TO
Wonderland (Toys) Ltd.PA
Wood SuppliesWO


CO - Controllers & power supplies
DR - Drawings
GE - Gears
GL - Plastic glazing
LM - Large section metals
MI - Miscellaneous
MO - Motors and motor blocks
NU - Nuts, bolts, screws & washers
PA - Specialist tramcar parts
RE - Resin casting & mould making
SM - Small section metals
ST - Styrene sheet & sections
TR - Rail and track
WH - Wheels
WO - Wood and Plywood
TO - Tools
3D - 3D printing services

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