1:24 Scale Tram Modelling
By Tony Cooke

Half Inch Scale

This scale, which is also known as "1/24th scale", has been in use for several decades by a number of tramway model makers, particular popularity being within the U.S.A. The scale had a large following in Australia throughout the 1970 / 80s but numbers have dwindled over recent years. Tony Cooke has been using it since 1970 and has built over 160 models of Australian and British trams. For his home layout he models narrow gauge trams of Western Australian and selected U.K. prototypes and thus a track gauge of 1¾ inches (the old tinplate gauge 1). The ease with which actual dimensions can be converted to this scale is a big plus factor, 1 foot actual size equals ½ inch, 5 feet equals 2½ inches, 28 feet equals 14 inches and so on.

Although working at only 66% the size of 3/4" scale, the methods used are very similar for both, as are the materials. Further details can be found in a section written by Tony in the the TLRS's Book "Large Scale Tramway Modelling".

What follows is a series of photographs by Tony Cooke showing the construction of a model of Torquay tram No.33 from the initial drawing through to it finally running on his layout (with Guernsey No.1).

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