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For full-size tramways in Britain, standard gauge is 4' 8.5" but the narrower gauges of 4' 0", 3' 6" and 3' 0" were quite common, as shown on the list of British tramway systems. Some wider gauges were used abroad, such as the 5' 3" gauge in Dublin. These Imperial units have been converted to millimetres for easier comparison in the table below. On the continent, standard gauge and metre gauge are most common.

A wide variety of scales and gauges are in active use in Britain for model trams and tramways. The main track gauges used are given in the table below. The Actual Gauge column shows the Model Gauge multiplied by the Scale and gives a measure of the accuracy of the rail spacing for a particular scale. There are also many other narrow gauge variants on these scales and gauges as used by scratch builders.

Name Scale Model Gauge Actual Gauge Intended Gauge
7 1/4" Gauge1: 8184mm = 7 1/4"1472mmStandard 1435mm
1: 5184mm = 7 1/4"920mmMetre 1000mm
1" Scale1: 12120.7mm = 4 3/4"1448mmStandard 1435mm
1: 1288.9mm = 3 1/2"1067mm3'6" = 1067mm
3/4" Scale1: 1688.9mm = 3 1/2"1422mmStandard 1435mm
1: 1666.7mm = 2 5/8"1056mm3'6" = 1067mm
5/8" Scale1: 19.274.6mm = 2 15/16"1433mmStandard 1435mm
1: 19.263.5mm = 2 1/2"1219mm4'0" = 1219mm
1: 19.255.6mm = 2 1/4"1067mm3'6" = 1067mm
G Scale1: 22.545mm1013mmMetre 1000mm
1/2" Scale1: 2460.3mm = 2 3/8"1448mmStandard 1435mm
1: 2444.5mm = 1 3/4"1067mm3'6" = 1067mm
3/8" Scale
1 Gauge
1: 3244.5mm = 1 3/4"1424mmStandard 1435mm
1: 3232mm (= O track)1024mm3'6" = 1067mm
O Gauge British1: 43.532mm1392mmStandard 1435mm
Scale 71: 43.533mm1435mmStandard 1435mm
1: 43.524.5mm1066mm3'6" = 1067mm
O Gauge1: 4532mm1440mmStandard 1435mm
O Gauge USA1: 4832mm1536mmStandard 1435mm
1: 5032mm1600mmStandard 1435mm
OO Gauge1: 7616.5mm1254mmStandard 1435mm
OO91: 769mm684mmVarious Narrow
EM Gauge1: 7618.83mm1431mmStandard 1435mm
-1: 7614mm1064mm3'6" = 1067mm
-1: 7612mm912mm3'0" = 914mm
-1: 769mm684mm2'3" = 686mm
-1: 768mm608mm2'0" = 610mm
HO Gauge1: 8716.5mm1435.5mmStandard 1435mm
HOm Gauge1: 8712mm1044mmMetre 1000mm
HOe Gauge1: 879mm783mmNarrow 760mm
TT Gauge British1: 10012mm1200mmStandard 1435mm
TTn3 Gauge1: 101.69mm914mm3'0" = 914mm
TT Gauge Continental1: 12012mm1440mmStandard 1435mm
N Gauge British1: 1489mm1332mmStandard 1435mm
N Gauge Continental1: 1609mm1440mmStandard 1435mm

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