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Hong Kong

Hong Kong, Traffic Cameras

From Live Cam

On entering the site first select "Snapshots" and then click on "Hong Kong Island" in the list of regions given. Now select "Aberdeen Tunnel Wanchai Side" from the list on the right of the screen, or on the map click the dot next to "Causeway Bay". Then the camera gives a view of a flyover, under which may be seen the Queen's Road East tram stop on the single track from Happy Valley to Hennessy Road. Trams can also been seen at "Causeway Road near Hing Fat Street", "Hennessy Road near Arsenal Street", "King's Road near Tin Chong Street", "Pedder Street", "Queen's Road Central near Garden Road" and "Yee Wo Street near Hennessy Road" (our picture). Other locations may give a glimpse and some cameras change viewing direction from time to time. All the images update every two minutes, but a new image can be obtained more quickly by clicking on the "Reload Image" button below the picture. Clicking "Hong Kong Island" below the map reloads the index. Note that the time in Hong Kong is GMT +8. To hear a Hong Kong tram click here.

Tuen Mun, Traffic Cameras

On entering the site first select "Snapshots" and then click on "Tuen Mun" in the list of regions given. From the same source as the Hong Kong traffic cameras above, we get this range in Tuen Mun in the New Territories. The option for "Lung Mun Road near Wu Chui Road" gives a view of the Tuen Mun L.R.T. which was opened in 1988. The image updates every two minutes, but a new image can be obtained more quickly by clicking on the "Reload Image" button below the picture. Note that the time in Hong Kong is GMT +8.


Budapest, Elisabeth Bridge

From Live Cam

This camera shows the Elisabeth Bridge across the River Danube in Budapest, Hungary. The moving picture shows trams on route 2 running along the road beside the river and halting at a tram stop by a landing stage. Clicking on the bottom-left corner of the image gives a full page display. There is also a time lapse sequence of the previous day.

Isle of Man

Douglas, Victoria Pier Terminus

From Live Cam

From the camera page of the Manx Department of Infrastructure select "Douglas Promanade". Viewed from the tourist office, this is the Victoria Pier Terminus of the horse tramway in Loch Promanade. Douglas, Isle of Man (summertime service only). The horses are regularly seen being walked round the tram. The page automatically updates. Our photo shows a horse car departing in the background behind Douglas's preserved AEC Regent III bus No.64 (KMN 835) of 1949, which happened to be passing by.

Snaefell, Bungalow

From Live Cam

Also from the camera page of the Manx Department of Infrastructure we have several views at Bungalow. "Laxey Valley" shows the Snaefell Mountain Railway at the TT course road crossing. The railway tracks can also be seen in the foreground on the cameras for "A18 North" and "Snaefell". The pages update automatically.


Milan, Corso Buenos Aires

From Live Cam

Here is Milan (Milano) in Italy. It shows a road junction junction, looking north along Corso Buenos Aires with Via Lazzaro Palazzi on the left and Via Melzo on the right. Trams cross the junction every few minutes. There's a tram stop on the right and trams going to the left can often see them waiting there. The image updates every 30 seconds, but you need to use refresh on your browser.

Turin, Piazza Statuto

From Live Cam

A moving picture of Turin's (Torino), Piazza Statuto in Italy. This largely one-way square has several tram routes running around it, with the winged statue commemorating the completion of the Frejus railway tunnel in the centre. Route 6 terminates to the left of the statue. Route 10 crosses both ways in front of the statue in both directions. Route 13 comes in from the right by the statue and then turns towards the viewer.


Kagoshima, Kanoya

From Live Cam

This controllable camera with a moving picture is in the city of Kanoya in Kagoshima province, Japan. Bottom right of the viewing window below the zoom slider is a start button - click there. If nobody else has it, you get immediate control for 60 seconds. If someone else does have it, the countdown shows how long you have to wait to take control. You can control the camera position and zoom although the update is quite slow. Trams of the Kagoshima system are well visible.


Riga, Central Market

From Live Cam

This is the corner of the Central Market in Riga, Latvia. Click on the image to start. You then get a streaming image with trams passing by.


Amsterdam, Dam Square

From Live Cam

This camera gives views from Dam Square in Amsterdam, Netherlands. The camera gives a moving picture which roves around the square. Trams can frequently be seen crossing the square. Note it does not work with all browsers.

The Hague, Frans Halsstraat Depot

From Live Cam

From the first screen click on the "Webcams" option and you then get a choice of cameras. These are at the Frans Halsstraat tram depot in The Hague (Den Haag, 's-Gravenhage), Netherlands. This depot is the home of Haags Openbaar Vervoer Museum (Public Transport Museum of The Hague), where the historic tram collection is kept. The cameras automatically update every minute giving interior and exterior views of the depot, where on Summertime Sundays the museum trams come out on tour.

Rotterdam, Schiedam

From Live Cam

This is Plein 1940-1945 in Schiedam, Rotterdam, Netherlands. Trams on routes 21 and 24 cross the scene on the right of the view and you can see the 's-Gravelandseweg tram stop. The camera gives a steaming image once you have clicked the start button. After a few minutes it diverts to another page but pressing "back" on your browser will restart the camera.


Bergen, Danmarksplass

From Live Cam

This is Danmarksplass in Bergen, Norway. The new tramway there is seen on a high quality moving picture.

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