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Toronto, Traffic Cameras

This traffic camera list is for Toronto, Canada. The selection in the Lake Shore Boulevard section at the Remembrance junction (camera 16) is of interest. The camera direction varies but when pointing west Toronto trams may be visible. In the centre of the view in mid-distance is the turning circle of route 509F at Lake Shore and Bathurst Loop, a short-working of the Harbourfront route 509 that runs from Union Station to Exhibition Loop, further along the road on the right of the view. The selection at Park Lawn (camera 37) also shows trams. The images update about every 4-6 minutes, but you may need to use refresh your browser.

Vancouver, Granville Street and Broadway

The trolleybus system in Vancouver is the largest in Canada, past or present, with around 250 vehicles and over 20 routes. This set of traffic cameras is at the junction of Granville Street and Broadway. The east and west views give the best chance of seeing a trolleybus. The image update is irregular between about 8 and 20 minutes, and you need to use refresh your browser. Note that the time in Vancouver is GMT -7.

Vancouver, Lions Gate Bridge

Here is Stanley Park Causeway leading to the Lions Gate Bridge in Vancouver, Canada. Trolleybuses use this road. On the map, this camera is the one shown by "Lost Lagoon". Clicking on the cameras on the map give other views of the highway which may contain trolleybuses. The images automatically update every two minutes.


Zagreb, Trg Bana Jelacica (2)

In the square at Trg Bana Jelacica, Zagreb, Croatia. Scroll down the page and there are two images, a still which updates about every ten minutes and a full streaming moving picture. Clicking the small button on the lower left of the movie gives a full page view. Trams cross the bottom left corner of the screen.

Czech Republic

Brno, Traffic Cameras

From Live Cam

This is a series of traffic cameras in Brno, Czech Republic. The first page gives images of a number of cameras. Trams can be seen in several. Clicking on the images will give a bigger picture and there options to open in a new window and show a Google location map with a list of cameras. All options give moving pictures.

Liberec, Vozovna tram depot

From Live Cam

This is a weather camera in Liberec in the Czech Republic. The view looks down over the Vozovna tram depot where trams going in and out can sometimes be seen. The depot is floodlit so it is also possible to see tram movements at night. This camera is better in winter when the trees are not in leaf. The page automatically updates every 60 seconds.

Pardubice, KVE Views

A camera from the premises of Internet firm KVE in Pardubice (Pardubitz), Czech Republic. It gives moving picture which shows. Pardubice operates a medium size trolleybus system.

Prague, Lubricating Tram

From Live Cam

This most unusual camera gives a rear view from the Lubricating Tram in Prague, (Praha), Czech Republic. Although occasionally off-line, especially at weekends, when running you get a streaming HD view as the tram travels the streets of the city lubricating the tracks. Below the picture sometimes there is a map of the tram's location.

Prague, Traffic Cameras

From Live Cam

Here is a range of traffic cameras in Prague (Praha), Czech Republic. The first page gives small images. Clicking on the images gives larger pictures. All images update automatically. A number of the cameras show trams on various routes. The camera positions change from time to time.


Tallinn, Traffic Cameras

From Live Cam

Here are a number of traffic cameras in Tallinn, Estonia. Trams and trolleybuses can be seen in several of the views. Clicking on a view opens a new window where the image updates frequently.


Helsinki, West Harbour

From Live Cam

Here is the West Harbour Terminal 2 in Helsinki, Finland. Trams on routes 7 and 9 pass here and somtimes stand at the stop. They can also be seen at a second camera at T1 (option on the left). The cameras give a full moving picture but their position changes.

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