2017 Festival of Model Tramways
List of Exhibitors

The following table is a list of the exhibitors at the 2017 Festival of Model Tramways. The links provided are to pages of the Tramway Modelling On-line Reference (use "Back" to return to this page) or to the exhibitors' own websites.

J.Prentice Torhampton 4mm
Contest Models Contest Various
D.Carson New Walmington Pier 009
A.Kirkman Leyburn Avenue - Norbreck 4mm
R.Allen Postcards, also books and models Sales
J.Huddlestone Cronenberg Trolleybuses 3.5mm
O.Boorman-Humphrey Semi-rural tramway 4mm
A.Best Static model and demonstration 1:16
KW Trams White metal tram kits & motor units Sales
Middleton Press Tramway and Trolleybus books Sales
A.D.Packer (Saturday only) Tram, bus and trolleybus b/w photographs Sales
TLRS Historical static models 1:16
J & K Video Transport DVDs and photographic prints Sales
S.Cole Large scale town tramway 1:16
TLRS Model Engineering 1:16 tram parts Sales
P.Yeend London Tramway 4mm
TLRS Estates Service Models and books Sales
National Trolleybus Association Tram and trolleybus books & DVDs Sales
A.Burrows Florin Street, Leeds 4mm
Majestic Trams White Metal Kits Sales
S.& M.Whitley Stepley Tramways 4mm
LCCTT Tramway books, models and photos Sales
M.Skeggs & E.Dawes Static Models 7mm
TLRS Thames Valley Kew Bridge 4mm
J.Marfleet Huncote Trams N gauge
J.Marfleet Fleetwood Maries N gauge
S.Hamlin Dougal Horse tramway 4mm
D.Smith (Sunday only) Eastbourne 009
D.Franklin South Coast 009
R.Hafke, TramShop German books, H0 models and accessories Sales
R.Howes Garratt Green 4mm
Light Rail Transit Association Tram books & DVDs Sales
M.Taylor Victorian-Edwardian 4mm


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